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       The Făgăraş Country, „country in country” is a depression limited in the south by the highest mountains in Romania, that gave the name of this region and in the north by the river Olt and the hills of Transylvania.
       The people here are as harsh as the land they work, but they are proud, hard-working and open-minded people. They have struggled through centuries to preserve their language and their orthodox faith against all kinds of invaders, against the forced assimilation put to practice by the Hungarians, against communism.
       The city of Făgăraş, documentary certified since 1921, numbers around 40,000 inhabitants. Situated at half distance between Brasov and Sibiu, it is the economical and cultural centre of region.
       It is here in Făgăraş that our school is located, an educational institution with tradition, that in 2012 celebrates its 50th anniversary since its foundation. In this entire period the school has developed and it has managed to meet the needs and trends of the local community to develop economically and spiritually.
       Today our school offer includes initial training for young between 14 and 19 years of age and continuous training through qualification courses, training and retraining for adults. The main fields for training are: tourism, commerce, agriculture, food industry, auto transport, environmental protection.
        The over 1100 young people to which around 300 adults are being added each year, people that are involved in the training process, benefit of a staff made of professional teachers and excellent educators. The material basis, recently rehabilitated, completed and modernized responds to training needs. The rich cultural and spiritual life of the school should also be noted, as well as it opening to collaboration, including on the external level, collaboration that is attested by the completion of projects and partnerships that have led to the increasing prestige of the school and local community.